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They suck.

I ordered a replacement battery for a client. The battery arrived. It was used. There was no indication that we were getting a used battery when we ordered it.

Not only was the battery used, but it didn't hold a charge. The battery was junk. Add to that, the fact that the battery was filthy - covered in scratches and food crumbs! The person who's laptop we were replacing the battery on, looked at me as if to say, "You're kidding me, right?" The battery looked like it had been sitting at the back of someone's couch for the past two years. She insisted I clean it up. Anyway, it didn't work.

I emailed them and asked for an RMA. Some guy called "Scott" emailed back and said, hey no probs...we'll go ahead and replace it for you. That's the last I've heard from them. I've emailed them back a couple of times. Nothing.

My take: This is just another semi-scam company. They make their money off "one-time" sales. That's the business model. They're not looking for return business. There's enough suckers out there (like me) to keep sending them our money - one time.

When their name gets too bad, they'll just dissolve the company and start up another one.


Monetary Loss: $107.

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