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I purchased a motherboard for my dell laptop. I believe I saw it was written I had a 30 day return time.

I truly wanted to fix my computer.

I never saw no refund policy. I am sure noone will find out about that detail while performing a purchase.

This is unusual nowadays and I am sure noone even think this is possible.

The board did not work. I returned it and they sent me another one which did not work too.

They sent me another one which I did return without using it... and asked for a refund.

At that time the policy was sent to me. I discussed the fact that I have not consumed any services or products for which to be charged. They did say there will be a store credit ... which also has not come yet and for which I do not care as my only need was to fix my computer and have no other needs to spend $180 on.

I don't mind the restocking fee, but not the rest as I do agree work was done.

This business is not legitimate as they make money out of people in need for no services or products. What are the steps to close such business or demanding to return the money to all affected?

Monetary Loss: $189.

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