We ordered a power supply to fix our DELL computer from DiscountElectronics.com. The power supply arrived as refurbished when the web site did not indicate it was anything but new.

When we complained we were told we could return it for a 15% restocking charge. We mailed it back losing $10 of our own to ship it back, but when it arrived they informed us that the person we talked to was not authorized to process an RMA and they weren't going to credit us any money.

So, they kept the power supply to sell another day and gave us zero money back.

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I think I've been ripped off. Ordered a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff a week ago and they immediately assigned a UPS tracking no.

However, tracking info continously shows "billing info received" which means UPS hasn't picked it up yet.

A week has passed. They aren't responding to my emails and the phone number they list is out of service.


I ordered from them ONLY because they listed a specific DELL motherboard. What I received was a totally different item that will not fit my computer case.

I fired off emails to their "support" department. The first response from them was "there are many motherboards that fit that model computer. Sorry for any confusion." No offer to sent the correct part or to refund my money. I sent back more nasty emails and got an offer to send an I/O back plate that would work with the motherboard they sent.

I reluctantly accepted this offer and have not heard a word from them since and haven't received any parts.

I am asking for a full refund but doubt I'll get one. DO NOT make the mistake I made and pay with Paypal because you have little chance of disputing the transaction.

to Charles Spring Valley, Texas, United States #807207

just to let you know the company in Texas the Cypress Creek pkwy address is an abandoned building with a bunch of old computer junk that dont work it says on their web site that new store opening Nov 2013 they lied. that address has been abandoned for a long time and all the stuff who ever sending out to people is the old junk that was left in the building someone needs to report them to the police.

Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra, India #23511

I ordered a used dell PSU. I got it and it still had dust falling out of fans.

Above all that it didn't work. Tested it on 3 computers but didn't work. I got another, but that ones was worst.

It smelt terrible and still didn't work. Will not respond to email

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